A story and its morels…

A story and its morels…

Mushrooms always surprise me. That’s why I am so captivated by them. I literally don’t know what to expect from the little aliens. 

Today we got a nice patch of oyster mushrooms—silver and clean like an angel's wing. I don’t even point them out, it is Ryan from Vancouver—he has an eagle eye for fungus. We grab a mushroom knife and harvest the oysters, leaving a few while discussing the culinary potentials. 

I like to pull oyster mushrooms and pan fry them with chives and garlic, plus a few chillies and some parsley.

We begin wandering back, when eagle eye Ryan asks, “Are these morels?” 

Without looking I say, “No eagle eye, probably false…” 

I stop short when my right eye makes contact with two gorgeous little morels. I get so excited that I hug eagle eye, and entirely forget to call him Ryan.

Once and a while I bring my little Jack Russell named Macaroni along to forage. His senses are impeccable and often smells looming danger before I can see it. I’m trying to train him to scent mushrooms—already a full time mouser—and I believe he can get there. 

Today as we near the village, he points out a deer and its two fawns. No danger here, but pure comic gold unfolded. 

The two fawns, surprised by Mac, took off immediately. However, momma deer knew she was bigger than the ten pound Macaroni and his shrill bark, so she challenged. She chased Macaroni while the group was dying with laughter. 

No one could breathe for a solid minute. Morel of the story, don’t mess with momma deer!

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